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Tailored Training.

We will design a training program specifically to suit your own training needs.

All training is conducted by a qualified trainer and NVQ Assessor.

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Ongoing Office & Accounting support.

Learn the benefits of Microsoft Office, Open Office and other Office based programs.

Training in Sage Accounting and Quickbooks Programs for the small business owner or self employed.

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Internet & Website Functionality Support.

Learn the basics in web site design and save money.

Build an ecommerce linked website and increase your income by attracting new business.

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Hourly and Half Hourly sessions

One to one training arranged as required, with minimum half hour sessions.

All training is conducted on site in your own premises, at times to suit you.

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Software Functionality

One to one training arranged as required, with minimum half hour sessions.

All training is conducted on site in your own premises, at times to suit you.

Tailored Training

We will design a training program specifically to suit your own Company or indiviual training needs. All training is conducted by a qualified trainer and NVQ Assessor.

Tailored Training

Initially, we conduct an interview with questionairre, with all relevant management and employees, to identify the Company, it's function and employee skills level.

Management and employee input is important to identify the training needs, a training structure, timescale, implementation, cost and expenditure.

Thereafter, we conduct the training program, assess the outcome and further monitor it's success.

Monitoring the success of a training programme, which in all cases involves a help line, and in cases a refresher course, identifys a true return on the investment. Employee performance can be monitor with ongoing analysis, the tools of which are created by us for you to implement.

Ongoing Office & Accounting support

Word processing, spreadsheet, database, power presentations are all keywords which are used in office software programs. During the past 30 years, Microsoft has become the worlds leader in this type of software, although Coral, Lotus, Oracle and many others provide very credible alternatives.

Office & Accounting support

More recently, Oracle has promoted 'Open Office', a fully functional free office software program, which has become a leading contender.

All office software has a similar functionality, some have graphics and audio capability, others have pdf functionality and some have language converters and interpreters.

Our experience is of all current microsoft programs and includes Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Publisher, Visual Basic and in addition, Front Page, Expressions, One note, SharePoint and others.

We will, where required, provide a "down the line" support service allowing managers to delegate workloads, or where permissable a "cloud environment" allowing all members of a team to access and contribute to a workload, irrespective of their logistical positioning to the central office.

None of this is new technology, it is tried and tested, the only difference is our LOW COST!

Internet & Website Functionality Support

We use the services of 3 worldwide servers, based in India, UK and USA. Our services provide the minimum of downtime and should there be a geographical problem, we can switch servers within minutes of a problem manifesting itself.

Internet & Website Functionality

We have spent 100's of man hours finding the best servers for our business and we can pass on our low costs on to our customers.

We have clients who have increased their website storage, traffic and functionality over the past 15 years without a 1p increase in their own base costs... When taking inflation into consideration that is a real term cost reduction!

This in itself is not oustanding for some, but with our help, tuition and support, we can train and guide you and your business into a mass market at which, is at the very least, the lowest cost possible.

A simple email or telephone call, will help you identify your potential...

Website design has now become a massive industry and almost anyone can create a website of some kind.

We can also create a new website, or improve the website you have, even change the presentation, functionality and marketing activity thereby increasing the pull through of new business, new sales, new enquiries and in general making a possibly defunct under performing tool useful.

Hourly and Half Hourly sessions

Hourly & Half Hourly Training Sessions

We appreciate that time, a commodity of limited availability, is not always easily managed.

We are happy to break training sessions down into half hourly units, where and when required.

Many operatives, knowledgeable of a certain software program in use on a daily basis, may wish to introduce a new activity and not know how to achieve it. This often happens when introding a graph into excel, or report into Sage.

This is one such time when short training sessions are invaluable. They are low cost, time effective, productive sessions, a very useful tool when managing a modern busines in a competitive market.

Software Functionality

There are thousands of software programs in use today and most of these have a specialist technical or business function, and it is impossible for one person to know the total functionality of all the software they use.

Software Functionality

Because of the vast array of software and the seemingly unending functionality. Software tends to be used on a need to know basis and specific functions, when not used on a day to day basis, the user often has limited knowledge of how to operate certain functions within that program.

There are however, a number of programs in every day use that are so big, with multi-functionality, that an operative will only know a small percentage of it's capability. This is not uncommon as schools and colleges do not have the tutors with the complete toolbag of skills to teach everything about all programs(although they might like to think they have).

We take a specific section of such software and train to good effect the user in the disciplines required and support them until they are competent to use the software correctly.

This is not exhaustive list and should you require tuition, or advice, in any software not listed below, please contact us.

  • Animated Graphics
  • Anti-virus, Firewalls, Computer security
  • Audio Maker
  • Business Accounting
  • Sage, QuickBooks, Invoice maker, Spreadsheet
  • CSS creation
  • CV creation
  • Form Building
  • Flash - Shockwave
  • Gallery Makers
  • Logo Design
  • Microsoft Front Page
  • Office Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint
  • Paint, PaintBrush,
  • Publishing
  • PageMaker
  • Photo Imagery - jquery -Lightbox
  • PDF creation
  • Quickbooks
  • Report Writing
  • Sage Accounting
  • Shopping Cart
  • Social Media
  • Swish
  • Serif WebPlus, PagePlus, PhotoPlus, PanoramaPlus
  • Website Design
  • Website Media
  • Will Writing